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Communiqué of the International Coordinating Committee

International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS)
11 February 2008

The International Coordinating Committee (ICC) of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) held its annual meeting on 9 February 2008 in The Netherlands.

ILPS Chairperson Prof. Jose Maria Sison and General Secretary Arman Riazi presided over the meeting.

A roll call was made and a quorum was declared.

The ICC approved the agenda and noted that the most important business at hand was the item on the finalization of plans for the ILPS Third International Assembly (ILPS-TIA).

The Chairperson presented his report. He reported on the actions taken by the ICC and ICG with regard to the preparations for the holding of the ILPS-TIA. He cited, among others, the decision on the theme of the ILPS-TIA, "Strengthen the peoples' struggle, unite to build a new world against imperialist aggression, state terrorism, plunder and social destruction", the formation of the Organizing Committee of the TIA and the Host Country Committee with clearly defined functions.

The Chairperson noted the positive development with regard to the formation of global region committees and country chapters as indicative of the organizational growth and consolidation of ILPS. He called for the revitalization of the study commissions even as he noted that some of the more active study commissions have done well in having organized conferences, seminars and forums on their respective concerns.

On behalf of the ICC, the chairperson thanked IBON International and commended its initiative to publish the documents of the ILPS Second International Assembly (SIA).

The Chairperson reported on the messages of solidarity on various occasions and statements on a wide range of issues of international significance that he issued on behalf of the ILPS in his capacity as principal representative and spokesperson of the League. He also cited the wide range of mass campaigns and activities that ILPS conducted during the year. He took the occasion to express his gratitude to the ILPS, all participating organizations, allies and all the people of the world for their solidarity and support in carrying out the campaign that demanded justice for him and his release from prison after his arrest on 28 August 2007.

The chairperson gave a brief analysis of the world situation citing the grave crisis facing the US, its impact on the world capitalist system and the favorable conditions for advancing the peoples' struggles and movements throughout the world.

The General Secretary gave his report. He made additional comments on the world situation. He reported on the efforts of the Information Bureau under his direct guidance to further develop the ILPS website and help member organizations build their own websites.

The Treasurer presented the annual financial report. There was a lively discussion in connection with membership dues. The body approved a number of finance policies and directed the Treasurer to write the appropriate memo for the information of all participating organizations of the ILPS.

The respective ICC members gave brief reports on the situation in the global regions and the prospects for building ILPS work and organization in these regions. Important campaigns and activities were reported for information of the body. The ICC was also informed about efforts to actively promote attendance to the TIA among participating organizations and raise interest among prospective participating organizations.

The meeting tackled the preparations for the ILPS-TIA. The draft program of the ILPS-TIA was discussed and certain additions and changes were proposed. There were also proposals on the keynote speaker and plenary speakers.

The ILPS Secretariat reported that invitations to the TIA have been sent to both ILPS participating organizations and organizations recommended by participating organizations. It also reported that a website specifically on the TIA has been set up where the Draft Program of the TIA, the registration form for the TIA and ILPS documents have been uploaded. The TIA website address is: and the main ILPS website is:

The ICC member representing the Organizing Committee of the TIA made a report on the status of technical preparations for the assembly. The organizing committee has reserved a place that would serve as the venue for the TIA.

The ICC approved the holding of the ILPS-TIA on June 18-20, 2008 in Hong Kong.

The ICC received proposals on major mass campaigns and activities to be conducted and supported by the ILPS. One of the major campaigns proposed and approved by the ICC to be adopted as one of its central campaigns is the opposition to the displacement of millions of people in India to give way to imperialist and comprador projects.

The ICC approved the membership applications of 21 organizations duly endorsed by ILPS participating organizations in good standing.

The ICC approved 8 country- and issue-specific resolutions presented for adoption by the ICC. They are resolutions on the repression of the Kurdish people by the fascist Turkish state, on the arrest of a Peruvian lawyer, Monica Feria, in Germany, on the repression by the Brazilian state of poor peasants in Northern Brazil, on the arrest of Randall Echanis, a leader of the peasant movement in the Philippines, on the repression of Iranian workers and students, on the involvement of US troops in "counter-terrorism" operations in the Philippines, on the fifth anniversary of the US war of aggression against Iraq and on ILPS support for the campaign against the displacement of millions of peasants in India. #

11 February 2008

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