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of the
First ILPS East Asia and Oceania Consultative Conference

11 December 2006

The First ILPS East Asia and Oceania Consultative Conference was held in Cebu, Philippines on December 11, 2006, with 144 participants from 11 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. There were 86 delegates from 57 ILPS member organizations in East Asia and Oceania, 43 observers from 37 prospective ILPS member organizations from 8 countries in the region and current member organizations in other global regions, and 15 guests from 8 ILPS organizations from other regions and from non-ILPS organizations. Among the participants were five ILPS-ICC members, of which three are members of the ILPS International Coordinating Group (ILPS-ICG) and two are alternate ICC members.

The conference started with the opening and welcome remarks, explaining how and why the Consultative Conference was convened, its objectives and tasks, the agenda, timetable and process.

This was followed by the keynote address of ILPS Chairperson Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, who gave an overview of the geopolitical and economic crisis in East Asia and Oceania, pointed out the importance of expanding and consolidating the ILPS and of coordinating the various activities and campaigns of the ILPS member organizations in the region. Prof. Sison acknowledged the gains of the ILPS in projecting the militant anti-imperialist line and gave his insights for further advancing the peoples' struggles against imperialist war and plunder in the region. In particular, Prof. Sison cited the urgent and important task of mobilizing all the member and allied organizations and networks in launching a region-wide campaign against the overseas US military bases and military presence and activity in the region. (Note: Read the full speech by visiting

The conference devoted the rest of the morning session and part of the afternoon session for discussions on the economic and geopolitical situation of the region. The discussions resulted in a deeper understanding, broader consensus and stronger unity on the situation in East Asia and Oceania, and contributed to building a firm basis for planning coordinated activities and protest actions.

Organizational matters and the actual campaign plan were tackled the rest of the afternoon.

A Plan of Action was drawn up, with the Anti-US Bases campaign and the Anti-WTO/Anti-"globalization" campaign as the major campaigns around which coordinated activities and actions will be undertaken. Participants from the different countries as well as from the various study commissions reported prospective events for 2007 and 2008 that could be occasions for coordinated protest actions.

The anti-globalization campaign shall mainly consist of protests against the following (1) the WTO, (2) regional and bilateral agreements, (3) debt and (4) the economic underpinnings of war on terror. A large part of the anti-globalization campaign will be an educational campaign.

The ILPS East Asia and Oceania Coordinating Committee was formed along the following lines:

• Every country currently with an ILPS member organization shall be represented in the coordinating committee; the representative shall be decided by the chapter if it exists or by consensus of ILPS member organizations in the country.
• ICC members in the region shall be ex-officio members of the coordinating committee.
• Any country that subsequently has an ILPS member will be represented in the Coordinating committee.
• The coordinating committee shall elect the head of the committee or the regional coordinator.

It was clarified that the coordinating committee is not a leading committee. The leading committee of the member organizations in each country still is the International Coordinating Committee

The Philippine Chapter shall serve as the Secretariat of the ILPS East Asia Coordinating Committee.

The conference discussed the ILPS Chair's memo on membership dues and affirmed the importance of complying with it.

The conference unanimously resolved to recommend to the ICC the holding of the Third International Assembly in the region, either in Malaysia or the Philippines. The reasons given were: first, it is about time that the ILPS hold its regular assembly in Asia, where peoples' struggles are raging, particularly, in a country where imperialist exploitation and oppression are entrenched and in fact, intensifying; second, current and prospective member organizations in ILPS from the region will have a better chance of attending the TIA because the expense will be more reasonable and the travel requirements not as stiff as for Asians travelling to the European Union.

The First ILPS East Asia and Oceania Consultative Conference closed with the collective singing of progressive and militant songs of solidarity and struggle and accompanying waving of the banners of ILPS held aloft by a succession of hands of the different international participants, observers and guests.#

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