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Communiqué of the 4th Meeting of the 2nd ICC

7 April 2007

The International Coordinating Committee (ICC) of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) held its 4th meeting since the Second International Assembly on March 28-29, 2007 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Chairperson Jose Maria Sison opened the meeting by welcoming the participants and thanking them for their attendance. He presided over the meeting and was assisted by the General Secretary Arman Riazi.

The first item taken up was the review of the minutes of the 3rd meeting of the 2nd ICC on May 11-12, 2006 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Amendments to the minutes were proposed and approved.

The Chairperson made his report. On organizational matters, the Chairperson reported on the memoranda he issued to concerned ICC members regarding the formulation of the ILPS by-laws, ILPS finance, preparations for the Third International Assembly (TIA), education and projection of ILPS among others. As the spokesperson of ILPS, he reported on the speeches and statements issued by the Chairperson for events initiated or co-sponsored by the ILPS and its member organizations and statements he issued in connection with important events with international significance. The Chairperson also reported on representation work which consisted in meeting with representatives of various organizations to discuss issues of common interest and cooperation with ILPS.

The ICC Treasurer reported on the efforts being done to improve the financial situation of the League. In this connection, he issued a memorandum to all participating organizations of the ILPS stressing on the importance of collecting the membership dues and devising creative ways of raising funds for the League.

A report was given on the formation of the ILPS East Asia and Oceania Coordinating Committee and its One-year Plan of Action. A report of the European Coordinating Committee was made on its past activities and future plans. A report on the efforts to promote and expand the ILPS in Latin America was presented to the ICC.

ICC members from Turkey, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Belgium and USA gave their respective reports on ILPS activities in their countries. The submitted reports on the situation and activities launched in Indonesia and Nepal were read.

The ICC next heard the reports from the Youth Commission on the holding of the World Youth Conference and the Commission on Just and Lasting Peace on the launching of the Asia-Pacific Anti-US Bases Campaign.

Reports were also made on the successful activities organized or co-organized by the ILPS such as the Conference on US Militarism and "War on Terror" in the Asia-Pacific Region, International Solidarity Conference on the Struggle of the People of Nepal for Democracy and Human Rights, worldwide protest actions against the US-led war on Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, and the Global Day of Action against extra-judicial killings in the Philippines, among others.

Powerpoint presentations and photo slides on the work and activities of ILPS in Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia were shown during the meeting.

The ICC decided to hold the Third International Assembly (TIA) in May 2008 and approved the following theme: Strengthen the Peoples' Struggle, Unite to Build a New World Against Imperialist Aggression, State Terrorism, Plunder and Social Destruction. The ICC mandated the ICG to act as the Preparatory Committee for the TIA and form the technical staffs needed for the purpose.

The ICC approved important campaigns and activities including the International Tribunal on Hurricane Katrina and Rita, the Stop the Killing Campaign and the Anti-US Bases Campaign.

The ICC received and approved the applications for membership of 7 organizations coming from Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, USA, Canada and Denmark.

The ICC approved a number of resolutions which shall be issued not later than 15 April 2007.

The Song of the League was approved by the ICC.

The next meeting of the International Coordinating Committee was set for February 2008 in Europe.

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