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January 31, 2005

An Open Letter to Mr. Ric “Frankenstein” Reyes

Mr. Ric Reyes,

As your former comrades who were with you during the First Quarter Storm (FQS) and the later years that became a revolutionary storm overthrowing Marcos and later Joseph Estrada, we have to respond to your malicious lies and attacks against the revolutionary movement and the its leaders like Prof. Jose Maria Sison who is now the subject of your innuendoes and red-baiting.

First, you want to make it appear that Joma Sison is picking on you. But it is crystal clear that your responsibilities for the murderous Kampanyang Ahos (Kahos) campaign in Mindanao and your role for its spillover to Manila are naked facts that you cannot deny.

It’s a pity for an individual like you now to point fingers at your comrades and define collective responsibility at the same time deny your individual responsibility as a leader.

We find it unacceptable for you to refer to organizational documents and at the same time mention as “central players” comrades who you are now identifying and as if saying to the US intelligence agencies: “Here are the people responsible for what happened. Everybody is guilty, except me!” How conveniently self-serving!

We find it disingenuous for you even to mention some of the decisions of your collective like the “Resolutions of the Political Bureau (PB), February 1988” that you find beneficial to you while you indict the whole organization for decisions that are very unfavorable to you. A case in point is about the decision that supposedly cleared you as a deep penetration agent (DPA) way back in 1987-88.

But you should always remember, some decisions that were made might be changed because not everything is static. Later on, damning new evidence, in fact, surfaced that you were actually in connivance with the military not only because of circumstantial evidence (like being “caught” several times by the same military intelligence handler Col. Robert Delfin – was that coincidence, or were you in fact debriefing with him) but also with your consistent practice.

Many comrades remembered very well how many times you misrepresented yourself as a member of the Executive Committee (even if you were not an EC member) in your dealings with comrades both in the city and the countrysides.

The worst misrepresentation that you made was during the NDF National Congress when you, together with some of your subalterns, usurped the EC position so you can push your agenda during the NDF Congress that was held in 1990.

We remember that you even used the proposal that some of us pushed forward in the early 1990s in launching a campaign for a People’s Centennial from 1992-1998. You even appropriated that name for your grouplet – Siglo ng Paglaya, Siglaya (or the Centennial Generation) in 1993, before you joined the Akbayan.

Thus, it is not Joma who is weaving lies but you, and you have mastered such tactics especially when you came forward during your relentless attacks against the movement and Jose Maria Sison in late 1992 and early 1993 – all for the purpose of sowing intrigue and causing confusion and demoralization in the movement to the enemy’s delight.

We are aghast at your temerity to call comrades “criminals” while they made serious self-criticisms for the errors that they made. Worst of all, you call for an “honest accounting” of the wrong policies which you yourself rationalized and propagated at the time and now you call them “webs of tales and lies.”

You ask Joma to face you in an impartial body when you cannot even answer the most elementary questions of your responsibility to the people when you tried to derail the movement, sow distrust and foment disunity inside the revolutionary movement while you were still one of its leaders.

During the First Quarter Storm (FQS), we, the ordinary activists, always saw you with the foremost leaders of the movement like Nelson Navarro, Jerry Barican and Gary Olivar in one corner of the Vinzons Hall, right beside the Browsing Room always debating many theoretical questions while we prepared for demonstrations and did the dirty jobs for every mass action.

You said you called Joma, “Tatang” with fondness. No, that was not true because we know that you referred to him derisively as “Tatang Delos Santos” (of the Lapiang Malaya) as though Joma were some Don Quixote, and later on, mocked him as a “political dinosaur.”

We fondly called you then during the FQS, “Frankenstein” because of your bulk and the way you conducted the debates with comrades.

Little did we know that you would be the real Frankenstein of the movement that created you as a leader, for now you choose to do the enemy’s bidding and seek to destroy it by attacking its leader. •

First Quarter Storm Network (FQSN)
San Francisco, California
January 31, 2005

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