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Bagman of the Ruling Couple is Faking Persecution by NPA
By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
27 July 2006

Everyone knows that former undersecretary of agriculture Jocelyn "Jocjoc" Bolante is running away from the findings of the Philippine Senate that he is the key operator in the malversation of the so-called fertilizer fund amounting to 2.8 billion pesos and the rechanneling of these for vote-buying in the 2004 presidential elections and for the personal enrichment of Gloria M. Arroyo and Mike Arroyo.

It is therefore completely ridiculous for this bagman of the ruling couple to claim that the New People's Army is persecuting him and that he is consequently applying for political asylum in the United States. He is lying. How can he be persecuted by the NPA, when in fact he belongs to the Arroyo ruling clique which continues to have at its disposal the military, police and paramilitary forces of the reactionary state through an extremely servile, brutal and corrupt chain of command..

It is the Arroyo regime that is exploiting and oppressing the people and persecuting its political opponents through extrajudicial killings, abductions, torture and other forms of human rights violations. Bolante is obviously under instruction from the Arroyo couple to run away from the summons of the Philippine Senate in order to save themselves from the charge of gross malversation in the colossal fertilizer scam. He is also known as the trustee of Mike Arroyo in laundering the stolen funds and buying properties in North America and Europe.

Gregorio (Ka Roger) Rosal, spokesperson of the CPP information department, has promptly denied the claim of Bolante that the NPA is persecuting him and has instead expressed the people's interest in the repatriation of Bolante for the purpose of letting the Philippine Senate confront him with the evidence for the grave crime of gross malversation involving the Arroyo couple as masterminds and him as their chief operator and bagman.

The fertilizer fund was drawn from the money recovered from the Marcos loot under the pretext of distributing fertilizer subsidies to land reform beneficiaries. But a major portion of the fund was used for bribing urban and rural politicians in exchange for their electoral support. The larger portion of the fund went to the private pockets of the Arroyo ruling couple. ###

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