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The truth about the Plaza Miranda bombing
Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the likes of Dean Jorge Bocobo continue to spread the bloody intrigue that it was the Communist Party of the Philippines that bombed Plaza Miranda on August 21, 1971.

Do they present any proof? No. More importantly, is there any proof? Nil.

On the other hand, Prof. Jose Maria Sison and the rest of the CPP leadership falsely accused of masterminding the dastardly crime have long been cleared of the charge filed by the PNP-CISC before the Office of the City Prosecutor of Manila.

The Manila city prosecutors dismissed the charge for lack of sufficient basis. You may download the full text of their resolution here.

Sison has actually devoted an entire page in his website to voluminous documents pointing at his innocence and the failed attempts to pin him down for many crimes with the exception of rape. Unfortunately, spreading anti-Left tsismis is Bocobo's cup of tea.

The fascist Marcos dictatorship failed to convict Sison, Bernabe Buscayno, Satur Ocampo in the military tribunals despite the ready availability of the entire machinery of government to produce or manufacture evidence.

In their mutual hatred of the AFP and Dean Jorge Bocobo, they are throwing away reason, prettifying the brutal record of the Marcos dictatorship and teaching Filipinos a false, doctored history that, in their myopic view, should demonize the Left and airbrush valiant resistance waged by the New People's Army in the countryside and the legal organizations in the cities.

These intrigeros make Marcos so happy in hell.

Labels: AFP, CPP, Ferdinand Marcos, Jose Maria Sison, Plaza Miranda bombing

Permalink posted by Tonyo at 8/23/2007 02:17:00 AM

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