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Press Statement

Condemnation of US War of Aggression and Call on The People to Action

March 19, 2003

In the strongest terms, I condemn US imperialism for getting all set to unleash a war of aggression against Iraq and the Iraqi people. In this regard, I add my voice once more to all those calling on the people to rise up in order to oppose the unjust war of imperialism.

The broad masses of the people all over the world, including those in the US and imperialist countries allied with the US, have demonstrated their opposition to the impending war through gigantic protest actions. These are comparable in magnitude to those in the popular resistance against the US war of aggression against Vietnam in years 1965 to 1975.

US imperialism is now isolated by the broad masses of the people who are outraged by its arrogance, greed and bellicosity.  It is likewise isolated in the international community of states as well as in the UN Security Council. It is seen as an arrogant and unreasonable power hell-bent on launching an illegal and immoral war in utter violation of the UN Charter and in particular Resolution 1441, which stipulates an inspection regime and requires a "second resolution" for going to war.

The US is not at all interested in allowing the UN inspection teams to do their work of finding out whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. The real purpose of the US is to launch a war of aggression in order to recolonize Iraq, install puppets and grab Iraqi oil resources.  The US expects thereby to further control the Middle East and the adjoining regions, weaken and dominate the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and enhance US control of the oil supply as lever for subordinating all economies to the US economy.

The US is undertaking a war of aggression against Iraq not only to grab oil resources but also to justify drastic increases in US military spending and step up war production.  The current ruling clique in the US, headed by Bush, believes that wars and rising war production can solve the grave economic and financial crisis of the US and world capitalist system.

At the moment, 250,000 US troops, 1000 US planes and a huge fleet of US aircraft carriers and naval vehicles (excluding the forces contributed by Britain, Australia and the like) are set to go on a killing and wrecking rampage.  The US plan is to conquer Iraq in the most cowardly and dastardly manner, using high-tech weapons to destroy the economic infrastructure and to massacre hundreds of thousands of people. 

The US plans to destroy the capacity and will of Iraq to resist through intensive bombing by airplanes and cruise missiles. These are to be followed by US ground forces moving into Iraqi territory and developing bases. Further on, they are to deploy puppet forces and install puppets as local administrators.  Obvious from  his speech giving to Saddam and his sons the ultimatum to leave Iraq within 48 hours, Bush insinuates that he has assets for  causing breakaways from Saddam and even a coup against him.

In view of such a US strategy, we can expect the Iraqi state and people to avoid exposing to enemy attacks concentrations of their regular armed forces and to keep them in readiness for fighting at close quarters, in concert with partisan forces.  While the US is still engaged in bombings, they can also be expected to work actively to prevent puppet forces and breakaways from gathering any strength  and  from augmenting prospective US ground occupation forces.

The Iraqi state and people are conscious that the longer they can keep up their resistance the more the US imperialism would be seen as an aggressor failing in its objectives.  Either the US will be exposed as a failure in its blitzkrieg plan or it will have to go indefinitely into excessive and senseless bombings that would inflame more and more the indignation of the people of world.

When it tried to take Kuwait more than a decade ago, Iraq was the overreaching force, overextending itself to a hostile population.  This time it is the US trying to take ground, where there are oil and Iraqi population, in a social and natural environment hostile to the US invading troops. Somehow to some extent and for an indefinite period of time, the US has to expose its troops to the danger of fire from Iraqis if it wants to grab the oil and establish bases for the purpose.

The US expects that its barbaric bombings will shock and awe the Iraqi state and people into submission. On the contrary, the Iraqi state and people can deliberately preserve their regular and irregular fighting forces, avoid making them visible targets of the enemy and keep them ready for fighting at close quarters when the US and puppet troops begin to occupy Iraqi territory and control population centers and oil fields.

As soon as it begins its war of aggression and proceeds with massive bombings of Iraqi targets, the US will outrage the people of the world everyday and will incite them to engage in ever larger protest actions and further isolate the aggressors. The US bombing campaign will become more futile and more detestable everyday that it fails to destroy Iraqi regular and irregular forces that are properly deployed and that evade destruction in a war of quick decision that the US blitzkrieg seeks to achieve.

Afflicted by the hubris of a hyperpower, the US underestimates what the broad masses of the people and the democratic forces of the world can do to resolutely and militantly resist imperialist wars of aggression. The current worsening conditions of crisis, repression and war are fertile ground for what is now a growing trend for the forces of national liberation, democracy and socialism to surge forward. #

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