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De Rooie Rat, Politieke Boekhandel in Utrecht, the Netherlands to host “A Revolutionary is not a Terrorist” featuring Jose Maria Sison and Ninotchka Rosca
For immediate release, December 1, 2004

On 9 December 2004, the eve of International Human Rights Day, Jose Maria Sison and Ninotchka Rosca, authors of the recently released book Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World, Portrait of a Revolutionary will be at De Rooie Rat, Politieke Boekhandel in Utrecht, the Netherlands to partake in “A Revolutionary is not a Terrorist,” a program and book signing of the new and controversial book.

This event is timely and important on the eve of International Human Rights Day as it shall serve as a reminder that gross human rights violations continue to occur. The life of Jose Maria Sison is a stark example of how certain states, including the Netherlands, can completely disregard a person’s human rights.

Under the pretext of anti-terrorism, the US and other governments are viciously violating Sison’s rights, including the right to the essentials of human existence, the right to do compensated work, the right to due process and the right against slander and character assassination and the right to be secure from the threats of death, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.

On August 12, 2002, almost one year after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, Sison was arbitrarily added as a "Specially Designated Terrorist" to the US Treasury Department's list along with the Communist Party of the Philippines (of which he is the founding chairman) and the New People's Army. Australia, Canada, The Netherlands and the European Union blindly followed the call of the US and also listed Sison on their “terrorist” lists. As one of the many outcomes, he lost all housing, health and food allowance benefits in the Netherlands where he has been living in exile since 1987.

Further, Sison requested several times access to “secret documents” being used by the Council of the European Union in their decision to put him on the terrorist list. But his democratic right to see documents about his case was violated as Sison was denied access upon each request.

Despite these attacks against him, Sison continues to fight and uphold his human rights. “I am inspired to fight those who violate my rights not only because I have all the right to do so but because of the far greater interest of so many Filipinos and others in the world who suffer the ever worsening conditions of exploitation and oppression,” stated Sison at a recent solidarity event in the Netherlands.

Sison, with co-author Ninotchka Rosca, internationally-acclaimed award winning Filipina author, will be together at the De Rooie Rat for the program which shall include cultural performances and messages from the authors. Both authors will be available for book signings and photo opportunities.

“A Revolutionary is not a Terrorist”
9 December 2004
1800 h
De Rooie Rat, Politieke Boekhandel
Oudegracht 65
3511 AD Utrecht
Tel 030 231 7189

For more information contact Chico or Leah at 030-231-0431 or 0638200157

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