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Arroyo Regime is Culpable for Extrajudicial Killings and is Preparing for Bloodbath at the National Level

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
17 May 2006

The hundreds of victims of extrajudicial executions and forced disappearances since 2001 are well-known critics and opponents of the Arroyo regime at the municipal, provincial and regional levels. They have been brutally attacked with impunity by the armed minions of the regime.

The party list organizations, mass organizations, churches and human rights organizations and the colleagues, closest family members, friends of the victims, eyewitnesses and, in a number of cases, survivors of attacks point to the death squads of the Arroyo regime as criminally responsible for the political killings and kidnappings.

The broad united front against the Arroyo regime and broad masses of the people know that the extrajudicial executions and forced disappearances are planned and directed at the highest level by the national security cluster of the Arroyo cabinet and by the so-called anti-terrorism task force.

Gloria M. Arroyo is culpable for the extrajudicial killings and is preparing for bloodbath at the national level. She pretends to order the police investigation of the murders and abductions committed by her death squads of picked men from the military and police. Then, in quick succession, her cabinet officials and high military and police officers swamp the mass media with contrived claims that the communists and people's army are killing the progressive activists in the legal arena.

The trend of the psywar and murder campaign is to exculpate and embolden the armed minions of the regime, justify and pave the way for extrajudicial killings of progressive leaders at the national level and in major cities in the Philippines in a futile scheme to intimidate the people and opposition forces, destroy the legal progressive organizations, weaken the revolutionary movement and perpetuate the rule of the Arroyo regime.

With their reign of unbridled terror and greed, Arroyo and her bureaucratic and military subalterns are inciting the people to wage armed revolution. They are driving the legal progressive forces and their mass following to join the revolutionary movement.

They are unwittingly pushing the revolutionary forces and the people to seek the quickest possible ways of achieving justice for the victims of state terrorism. ###

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