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Arroyo Regime is Trying to Terrorize the People and Justify Assaults on Unarmed Demonstrators

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
23 July 2006

By recycling the old lie that I instead of Marcos masterminded the 1971 Plaza Miranda and by repeatedly claiming for so many days already that the New People’s Army (NPA) is poised to infiltrate and attack anti-Arroyo rallies, the Arroyo regime and its military and police minions are trying to terrorize the people and frighten them from joining the demonstrations on the day that Gloria M. Arroyo delivers another mendacious state-of-the-nation address (SONA).

The Arroyo regime is seeking to justify its ceaseless drive to launch assaults on unarmed demonstrators, curtail their freedom of speech and assembly and blame the NPA for the regime’s very own bloody crimes. The regime knows no bounds for its cowardice in killing and abducting its unarmed political opponents and in suppressing the peaceful rallies of the broad opposition. It arrogantly ignores the outrage of the Filipino people and the people of the world.

The Arroyo regime, its psywar experts and paid hacks should stop blaming me for the 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing. They should respect the official conclusions and documents of their own state agencies. Attached hereto is the March 2, 1994 resolution of the prosecutors office of the city of Manila, dismissing as pure speculation the charge of multiple murder brought against me by the military in 1991 in connection with the aforesaid 1971 bombing. Also attached hereto is the April 20, 1998 certification of the GRP secretary of justice that there is no pending criminal case against me.

The issues against the Arroyo regime should not be obscured by its slanderous attacks on my person and its belatedly fabricated allegations against me. The regime is culpable among others for electoral fraud, corruption, subservience to foreign monopoly interests and gross human rights violations. The broad masses of the people have all the right to rise up, speak up and assemble in order to condemn the Arroyo regime and seek justice.

In her forthcoming SONA, the irrepressible liar Gloria M. Arroyo will again boast about the growth of the gross domestic product, without fully taking into account inflation and peso devaluation, the actual high rate of unemployment, rising costs of importation, lack of real economic development, the outflow of superprofits and debt service, unbridled corruption, rising appropriations for the military and other counterproductive activities and accelerated domestic and foreign indebtedness.

She will again boast of being able to destroy the armed revolutionary movement of the people within the next few years, under the auspices of US and mercenary interoperability and with the use of the most dishonest and cowardly generals who are good at faking electoral results and battle reports and killing unarmed legal activists and civilians. Of course, she will not mention the growing failure of her all-out war policy and Oplan Bantay Laya since 2001 and the increasingly effective tactical offensives of the NPA on a nationwide scale. It would be fine if the mass media check once in a while with the GSIS and other official records the insurance claims of soldiers and police for death and injury in the battlefield. ### Please visit the portal website:

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