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ILPS Condemns as Acts of Aggression and Terrorism
the Latest Israeli Atrocities in the Gaza Strip

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
9 November 2006

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) condemns in the strongest terms the massive Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip that has killed and wounded many civilians and wreaked widespread destruction on the homes, mosques and other civilian infrastructure. To maintain its cruel occupation of Palestine, Israel is engaged in further acts of aggression and terrorism against the Palestinian people .

In one of the most gruesome incidents that has outraged many people, Israeli tanks fired a barrage at residential houses killing 18 civilians and wounding 40 others in the town of Beit Hanoun. Two of the dead were women and six were children. More than 42 Palestinians have been killed in the weeklong operation by Israeli Occupation Forces in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds more have been killed by U.S.-backed Israeli forces since June.

The pretext for the week-long ground and air offensive codenamed Autumn Clouds is the launching of home-made rockets by Palestinian resistance fighters into Israeli territory. Israel obscures all the prior acts of aggression and terrorism it has inflicted on Palestine and the Palestinian people.

This latest aggression comes only two months after the invasion of Lebanon in which more than 1,000 Lebanese died and over 1 million were displaced. In that assault, Israel used illegal phosphorous bombs and fired up to 4 million cluster bombs into Lebanon.

According to Human Rights Watch, an estimated 1 million unexploded submunitions from the cluster bombs were left behind when Israeli forces withdrew. Unexploded submunitions continue to kill and injure people daily in Lebanon. As of September 28, at least 18 people had been killed and at least 108 injured. Many farmers have not been able to harvest current crops or plant their winter crop due to the submunition contamination.

The ILPS salutes the Palestinian people and their freedom fighters for putting up fierce resistance to the latest Israeli ground and air offensive in the Gaza.

ILPS condemns as acts of aggression and terrorism the latest atrocities being committed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip and calls for an end to the illegal colonial occupation of Palestine.

ILPS decries the continuing support by the US of the Zionist state of Israel which it uses to perpetuate its hegemony and control over the strategic region of the Middle East.

ILPS supports the struggle of the Palestinian people for national self-determination, democracy, justice and social progress.

Stop the US-supported Israeli atrocities in Gaza!
End the colonial occupation of Palestine!
No to US imperialist hegemony in the Middle East!
Long live Palestine and the Palestinian people!
Long live the anti-imperialist solidarity of the peoples of the world!

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