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Dear Mr. Ida Jun
Thank you for your questions.
Under each of your questions, I give my reply.
Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Founding Chairman of the Communist Party of the
Philippines ( CPP) and chief political consultant of the National
Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP)
IDA Jun wrote:

Attn : Mr. Jose Maria Sison
From : IDA Jun

Dear Sir,

This is a request letter to ask your opinion or attitude on recent significant political issues.

I, Ida Jun am the Manila Bureau Chief of Japanese Newspaper Mainichi. The Mainichi, the oldest daily in Japan, has 4 million circulation. We are making a feature story on US strategy and theArroyo administration's policy, especially towards the NPA and CPP. So we would like to reflect your views in our article.

Questions are below:

1. Could you give your statement regarding the US designation of CPP and NPA as "Terrorist Organization"?

Sison Reply:  Attached hereto is my press statement against the US designation of the CPP and NPA as foreign terrorist organizations (FTO).

2. The Philippine government has changed its policy on CPP and NPA, denouncing their activities as terrorist. It was announced just before the US designation. What do you think of the two government's "collaboration" ?

Sison Reply: I think that the all-out war policy declaration of Macapagal and the US designation of the CPP and NPA as FTO are calculated to pave the way for  the escalation of US military interevention and possibly for a US war of aggression against the Filipino people.  They also want to reestablish  US military bases against the Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian peoples. Ms Macapagal thinks that by following the dictates of the US she can ensure her election in 2004 or  impose an open rule of terror on the people like Marcos did.

3. According to the Arroyo administration, it will resume peace talks with the NDF regardless of its policy-shift toward CPP-NPA. How will you and your organization deal with it? What is your current policy towards the Philippine government.?

Sison Reply:The  GRP-NDFP peace negoptiations can be resumed anytime if the GRP agrees to negotiate with the NDFP in accordance with  The Hague Joint Declaration and subsequent mutually approved agreements.  The problem is that Macapagal and her military advisors want to  scrap the agreements, prolong the back channel talks until the NDFP capitulate and escalate the campaigns of state terrorism  to destroy the revolutionary movement and subjugate the people. In brief, the US and Macapagal regime are not interested in the peace negotiations.

4. Apparently President Arroyo is going to launch severe measures against the NPA, as a part of the "War against Terrorism". Do you have any plans to cope with it? Are you going to intensify your fight against the Philippine government?

Sison Reply:  I presume that the organs of leadership and masses of the CPP, NPA, NDFP and the people's revolutionary government  and the broad masses of the people are determined to defend themselves and intensify their revolutionary struggle for national liberation and democracy against the  escalation of oppression and exploitation by the US. and the local exploiting classes of big compradors and landlords. They are not at all afraid of the US and Filipino puppets, especially because the Philippine ruling system and the US and world capitalist system are in grave crisis.

I am going to submit the story immediately after receiving your reply. Mainichi will issue the story as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,


Manila Bureau
TEL: +63-2-521-9134
FAX: +63-2-522-3906
MOBILE: +63-917-526-6319


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