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International Conference on the Struggle of the People of Nepal For Democracy and Human Rights

Memo Circular

To: Participating Organizations of the ILPS
From: Chairperson
Date: 07 August 2006
Subject: International Conference on the Struggle of the People of Nepal For Democracy and Human Rights

In recent months, Nepal has been the focus of international interest because of the great mass movement that has confronted the autocratic monarchy and forced it to restore the parliament. In this regard, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), which has been leading the people's revolutionary armed struggle since 1996, has declared a ceasefire and forged an alliance with the Seven Parties' Alliance for the purpose of ending the autocratic monarchy and establishing a democratic republic.

The alliance is expected to bring about progressive changes in Nepal, in the political, economic, social and cultural fields. But there are existing contradictions among the main political players in Nepal. One could say that Nepal is at a crossroad and facing major political challenges: will the road lead to a thorough-going revolutionary change that will empower and benefit the workers and peasants masses or will the comprador big bourgeoisie and landlord class hold sway?

In solidarity with the people and democratic forces in Nepal, the International League of Peoples' Struggle is co-sponsoring an international conference on September 15-16, 2006 in Kathmandu, Nepal with the theme: The Struggle of Nepal for Democracy and Human Rights. Other sponsoring organizations and institutions are the Asia-Pacific Research Network, Reality of Aid and the International Association of People's Lawyers.

Among the objectives of the conference are sharing with the people of Nepal their struggles for democracy and human rights, their successes and aspirations, building international solidarity with the people of Nepal and adopting a declaration of common understanding and cooperation on how to support Nepal and its people.

We call on the participating organizations of ILPS to send delegates to the conference. This will be an occasion to learn more about the situation and prospects of Nepal. At the same time, the input and participation of your delegates will enrich the discussion and bring about positive actions for the support and solidarity with the Nepalese people in their struggle for democracy and development.

We are attaching the invitation to the conference for your information and positive action. We would appreciate your soonest response to the organizers of the conference. Please send to us a copy of your response.

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