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Marxist Summer University 2002

23-28 August 2002

War, Peace and Class Struggle

>> War and peace: a marxist view (José Maria Sison) [Solidair 19 juni 2002]

logo Marx UniefThe fall of the Berlin Wall was supposed to inaugurate an era of universal peace. Twelve years later, the world is further away from peace than ever. Irak, Somalia, the Congo, Afghanistan, Palestine, Irak again are only some of the countries struck by the horrors of war. With Yugoslavia, even Europe is not spared. The most powerful country in the world today openly threatens to use nuclear weapons against nations which do not possess them. At the same time, unemployment is still on the increase and living conditions for the masses are going more and more downhill.

Reasons enough to have a go at capitalism and its partner imperialism, the hidden face of globalisation. The people who demonstrated in Brussels, Barcelona and Seville know that only too well. How do the Marxists who took part in the movement analyse capitalism, globalisation and war? What alternatives do they suggest? And how do they propose putting them in practice? These are the questions which will be debated, in a relaxed and good-humoured atmosphere, at the Marxist Summer University.

After the success of the course given by the Indian Marxist Harpal Brar this winter, the Marxist Summer University is once again proposing a course in English (with workshops in English, French, Dutch and Spanish, according to demand), given this time by José Maria Sison, Filipino Marxist, and Ella Rule, English Marxist.


When? From Friday 23 August at 4 p.m. to Wednesday 28 August at 6 p.m.


Internat autonome de la Communauté française, Dessus de la Ville 3 bte 37, 5660 Couvin, Belgium (near the French border, accessible by train via Brussels and Charleroi).

Practical information

The Marxist Summer University begins on Friday 23 August

Welcome from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.: introduction
7 p.m. : supper
8 p.m. to 10 p.m. : film or other evening activity.

Each day, a new theme is taken up. Lectures alternate with periods of individual or group study. In the evening, you can watch a film, listen to a talk or have a drink with other students.

How much does it cost?

Five days at the Marxist Summer University cost €120 or €24 per day (course, board and lodging included).

Help us finance a refugee by donating your contribution to account n°001-2433847-96 of INEM asbl, 68 rue de la Caserne, 1000 Bruxelles, with the mention «MSU ­ refugee»


There is no entrance exam. The only condition is to enrol before 12 August. However, the number of places is limited, so don't wait till the last minute!


War and Peace: a Marxist Approach José María Sison & Ella Rule
A course in English with workshops in French, Dutch and English (depending on the demand)

  • 1st Day: Imperialism leads to War: Lenin¹s analysis (based on Imperialism, Highest Stage of Capitalism)

  • 2nd Day: Social Democrat and Trotskyite approaches

  • 3rd Day: Marx and Lenin with regard to Pacifism

  • 4th Day: A World Front for Peace: the Third International and the Korean War

  • 5th Day: A World Front for Peace: Tasks for Today¹s Communists

Form to be returned to the Marxist Summer University, INEM, 68, rue de la Caserne, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
(Tel.: 02/504 01 44; fax : 02/513 98 31; e-mail:


First Name
Family Name
Date of Birth
enrols for the course War and Peace: a Marxist Approach and transfers a deposit of €20 to the account n°001-2433847-96 of INEM asbl

wishes to receive more information about the Marxist Summer University (courses, lodging)




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