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Method in the Madness of the Arroyo Regime

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
21 May 2006

There is method in the Arroyo regime's madness of making me appear as responsible for all the alleged acts of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People's Army (NPA) and for what are actually the most fantastic intrigues that the regime itself concoct such as the lies that I have ordered the accomplished killing of the hundreds of patriotic and progressive activists in the legal arena and the prospective killing of the fake president Arroyo, her top subalterns and opposition leaders.

The method in the madness involves the following objectives:

1. To caricature the CPP, NPA and other revolutionary forces as dependent on a single person so many thousands of miles away and to belittle the revolutionary will and organized strength of the Filipino people.

2. To draw attention away from the regime's culpability for the bloody assaults under the Oplan Bantay Laya on the broad masses of the people in the guerrilla fronts and on patriotic and progressive activists in the legal arena.

3. To justify and pave the way for further bloody assaults on the people and the legal patriotic and progressive forces at the local, provincial, regional and national levels.

4. To break up the broad united front against the Arroyo regime in the legal arena by spreading the intrigue that the CPP and NPA are out to kill the leaders of both the regime and the opposition and probably by initiating the assassination of opposition leaders and the dispensably unreliable officials of the regime.

5. To further vilify the NDFP chief political consultant as a "terrorist" and pressure the NDFP to capitulate or else to shut all doors to the resumption of peace negotiations.

While there is method in its madness, the Arroyo regime itself is overwhelmingly more mad than methodical and is unwittingly generating political turmoil, contrary to its boasts of being able to pacify and govern the country. Blinded by hubris, the regime overestimates its ability to keep itself in power through sheer violence and deception. It is in fact driving the broad masses of the people and various political forces to unite and engage in all forms of struggle.

It is obvious that the regime is compelling the revolutionary forces to intensify the guerrilla offensives on favorable rural terrain and at the same time to increase its efforts to punish the worst officials of the Arroyo regime. As the outraged people, the families, colleagues and friends of the victims of state terrorism cry out for justice, how else can the revolutionary forces uphold and demonstrate their integrity and counter their enemy's intrigues that they kill their own members and allies?

In the face of the regime's scheme to murder the national leaders and activists of the mass movement and opposition parties and blame the revolutionary forces, are not the people and the armed revolutionary movement justified to undertake the necessary actions against the highest officials of the Arroyo regime who are criminally liable for the carnage? It is my personal estimate that the revolutionary forces are now considering how to counteract the vile acts and threats of the regime. ###

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