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NDFP Human Rights Committee Defends Prof. Sison
From False Charge by Philippine National Police

By Fidel V. Agcaoili
Chairperson, Human Rights Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
29 November 2006

The Human Rights Committee of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) hereby denies that NDFP chief political consultant Professor Jose Maria Sison, who resides in the Netherlands, has anything to do with the reported killing of barangay captain (village council chairperson) Rodrigo Abejuela in far away Barangay Malibas, in Palanas, Masbate.

We vigorously defend Prof. Sison from the false charge of murder reportedly filed by the Philippine National Police (PNP) before the prosecutor's office in Masbate City, Philippines, in connection with the aforesaid killing. We condemn the charge as patently false and malicious. It is made purely for the purpose of psychological warfare.

Since 2003 the military and police henchmen of the US-Arroyo regime have filed so many false murder charges against Prof. Sison in a futile attempt to divert public attention from the so many hundreds of victims of extrajudicial killings and abductions perpetrated by the regime's death squads, which are composite killer teams from the PNP and Philippine Army (PA).

The PNP and its Task Force Usig have also been under orders of Gloria M. Arroyo and her Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security to exculpate the death squads of the regime from human rights violations and to shift the blame to the New People's Army (NPA) and the victims themselves, who are often misrepresented as having had links with the NPA but who have run afoul of it by "becoming spies" or "malversing funds".

The PNP and Task Force Usig dish out lies against the fact that the murder victims are first surveilled and threatened by openly-known military units and agents before they are treacherously murdered by the death squads. Testimonies from surviving victims and witnesses also unmistakably point to the culpability of the regime's death squads.

The Melo Commission is expected to whitewash the human rights violations by the regime because it is a mere creature and underling of Gloria M. Arroyo, the Philippines' Number One terrorist. It is dependent on the PNP and Task Force Usig and it has completely ignored the recommendations of Amnesty International for conducting an impartial and fair investigation according to international human rights standards. ###

Ruth de Leon, Executive Director
NDFP International Information Office
Tel. +31-30-2310431 Email:

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