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PROFESSOR JOSE MARIA SISON at the North West International League of People’s Struggles Conference in Seattle
For immediate release: October 6, 2004

Jose Maria Sison, International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) Chief Political Consultant currently exiled in the Netherlands, will present his thoughts on imperialism and national liberation, this SATURDAY, Oct. 9 at the International District Chinatown Community Center in Seattle, Washington.

The Bush Administration and the European Government have labeled Jose Maria Sison as a“terrorist”. But many disagree. Former United States Attorney-General Ramsey Clark stated, “Those of us who are working to stop the unbridled aggression against the world that has been unleashed by the Bush White House should make every effort to defend Prof. Jose Maria Sison, and to support the Filipino people as they struggle to defend sovereignty and build peace.”

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has joined with George W. Bush in designating Sison as a “terrorist”. But her own Vice President, Teofisto Guingona, has staunchly insisted, despite great political differences with Sison, that he is a true Filipino patriot. And the Majority Leader of the Philippine Senate, Loren Legarda, arguably the most popular woman politician in the Philippines today, has stated, “…no one can doubt the integrity of their patriotism or the depth of their commitment to help bring about a more just and more human society. I look to the day Joma [Sison] and the others can finally come home to our collective embrace.”

Professor Sison is a genuine revolutionary who shaped up the people’s movement against foreign domination in the Philippines since the era of the dictatorial Marcos regime. In response to attacks against the democratic rights of Jose Maria Sison, ILPS Participating Organizations and progressive individuals and organizations launched the DEFEND Jose Maria Sison campaign to condemn the U.S. government's persecution of Prof. Sison and call for the US government to remove him from its “terrorist” listing.

The Northwest International League of People’s Struggle Conference is sponsored by BAYAN-USA (New Patriotic Alliance) and Philippine-U.S. Solidarity organizations. With the theme, "Advance the People’s Solidarity and Struggle for Liberation and Democracy Against Imperialist Plunder and War."

The all-day conference will feature discussions and workshops culminating in a street rally and cultural show at night.

The conference seeks to understand, discuss and analyze the Manifestations and effects of imperialism specifically on war, human rights, globalization, immigration rights, and related issues that deal with social justice; and to facilitate common lines of action to promote international solidarity against imperialism.

Other Conference speakers include:
* Atty. Luningning Imperial-Alcuitas – BC Committee on Human Rights
* Ray O’ Light – ILPS Intl. Coordinating Committee member, USA
* Jane Cutter – ANSWER Coalition (Seattle)
* Nada Elia - Palestine Solidarity Committee, Organizer
* Kawal Ulanday – Bayan USA, National Organizing Committee Staff
* Rhonda Ramiro – Chair, Bayan USA National Organizing Committee

Int'l League of People's Struggle (ILPS) Northwest Regional Conference
Saturday, October 9, 8:30am - 4:00pm
International District/Chinatown Community Center
719 8th Ave S, Seattle,WA

For more info visit: http://
Rene Rivera - or (206) 860-6949
Ace Victor - (206) 860-6949

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