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ILPS Welcomes and Supports
Second Session on the Philippines
by the Permanent People's Tribunal

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
30 October 2006

We, the International League of Peoples" Struggle (ILPS), welcome and support the convening of the Second Session on the Philippines under the auspices of the Permanent People's Tribunal (PPT) of the Rome-based Lelio Basso International Foundation for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples.

We are deeply pleased with the related proceedings which are organized by the International Coordinating Secretariat in The Hague, Netherlands and by the Philippine initiating organizations through the Philippine Coordinating Secretariat in Metro Manila, Philippines for the purpose of convening the session on 30 October 2006.

We stand in solidarity with the PPT, the Philippine initiating organizations, members of the jury, the complainants, prosecutors, witnesses, experts, amici curiae, the sponsors, supporters, the Philippine Coordinating Secretariat and International Coordinating Secretariat in the case of the Filipino people against the Arroyo regime and its foreign accomplices headed by the US and US-controlled agencies.

We agree that the cause of justice is served by charging and trying the accused for the following three grave criminal offenses:

1. Extra-judicial killings, massacres, abductions and enforced disappearances, torture, arson, bombings, mass intimidation, forced mass evacuation and other gross human rights violations against individuals, organizations and communities. (Most brazen of these crimes against civil and political rights are those victimizing unarmed political activists, workers, peasants, women, youth, church people, journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders and peace advocates).

2. Economic plunder, including the imposition of the US policy of neoliberal globalization", the violation of Philippine economic sovereignty by foreign monopoly capitalism, the sell-out of the national patrimony, unscrupulous superprofit-taking by the US and other multinational firms, debt bondage to the imperialist banks and bureaucratic corruption of the Arroyo regime.

3. Transgression of Philippine national sovereignty, including treason by the Arroyo regime, all-out war policy and use of state terrorism to keep the Arroyo puppet clique in power and to align with the US global war of terror and aggression, the culpability of the Arroyo regime and the US for war crimes and crimes of humanity, the encroachment on Philippine territory by US military interventionist forces and surrender of jurisdiction to the US over criminal cases in the Philippines.

The above three charges are closely and necessarily interrelated. The violations of the human rights of specific individuals, groups and communities under charge No. 1 constitute the bulk of the concrete and vivid cases against the Arroyo regime and its foreign accomplices. At the same time, the motive of greed for the attacks on civil and political rights must be exposed. Economic plunder on its own account is a colossal crime and thus charge No. 2 is leveled against the accused. Under charge No. 3, the use of state terrorism to serve the political survival of the Arroyo regime and the hegemony of US imperialism involves the transgression of Philippine national sovereignty and the commission of crimes under international law.

We wish all the various participants in the Second Session of the PPT on the Philippines the utmost success in preparing for their respective parts in the public trial to be held in The Hague, The Netherlands in March 2007. They have a highly important responsibility in upholding, defending and promoting the rights and liberation of the Filipino people in accordance with the Algiers Declaration and international law on human rights and the rights of nations. We hope that the PPT Second Session will be a resounding success as a result of conscientious hard work dedicated to the extremely and intolerably oppressed and exploited Filipino people.

The First Session of the PPT on the Philippines, which tried in 1980 in Antwerp the case of the Filipino people at the suit of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the Moro National Liberation Front against the Marcos fascist regime and its foreign accomplices headed by the US, was a signal event. It was a nodal point not only in the struggle against the US-propped Marcos fascist dictatorship but also in the long-term struggle against the rotten semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system in the Philippines.

We hope that the Second Session of the Permanent People's Tribunal on the Philippines attains the utmost success in exposing and opposing the colossal crimes of the Arroyo regime and its foreign accomplices against the Filipino people, in illuminating the road for achieving national liberation, democracy, social justice, progress and peace and in inspiring the Filipino people to fight ever more resolutely and militantly for their rights not only against the current regime but also against the US-dominated system of the comprador big bourgeoisie and landlord class in the Philippines.###

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