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Propagandists of Arroyo Regime are Shameless Liars Like Their Boss GMA

By Fidel V. Agcaoili
Chairman, Human Rights Committee
16 September 2006

For several months already, the propagandists of the Arroyo regime both at the level of the cabinet members (particularly those in Cabinet Oversight Committee on International Security) and the top officers of the military and police have been exposing themselves as shameless liars.

They have dished out a number of lies calculated to misrepresent the revolutionary movement as responsible for the extrajudicial killings of legal activists by the death squads of the military intelligence groups combining military and police elements. Thus, they unwittingly reveal that they are hell-bent on continuing the extrajudicial killings with impunity, despite the overwhelming testimonies pointing to the military and police as the perpetrators.

1. They have misrepresented the Second Great Rectification Movement of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as something other than the educational movement that criticized, repudiated and rectified the bloody anti-infiltration hysteria that had been whipped up in 1984 to 1988 mainly by elements that left the CPP to join anti-CPP organizations, including agencies of the reactionary government.

2. They have repeatedly claimed that they are in possession of a document about a so-called Bushfire plan of the revolutionary movement to kill a large number suspected enemy infiltrators. But they have not presented the spurious document for public scrutiny and analysis. And they proceed to claim that the victims of their extrajudicial killings have been punished by the New People's Army as infiltrators, double agents or liable for malversation of revolutionary funds.

3. They dig up old abandoned graves including those of indigenous people in various parts of the country as well as the burial grounds of massacres perpetrated by the military more than two decades ago (like the one in Inopacan Valley in Southern Leyte). Then, they turn around to accuse the NPA of having committed massacres under orders co-signed by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Luis Jalandoni and Rep. Satur Ocampo in 1984.

The patent lie is easily exposed by the targets of slander and the attempt to deflect attention from the bloody hands of the Arroyo regime is frustrated.

4. They in the regime seem to believe that demonizing Prof. Sison is a shortcut to discrediting the revolutionary movement and that presenting him as someone vulnerable to expulsion or deportation from The Netherlands undermines the confidence of the revolutionary movement. But the truth is that Prof. Sison is under the protection of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Refugee Convention and that he is beyond the jurisdiction of the Philippine reactionary government. The pertinent agencies of the Dutch government have already formally informed Prof. Sison that there is no pending criminal investigation of any kind against him.

Regarding the above points, the vile propagandists like Eduardo Ermita, Norberto Gonzales, Ignacio Bunye, Mike Defensor, General Hermogenes Esperon, Director General Calderon and others should recognize that they and their principal cannot commit crimes and dish out lies with impunity. Ultimately, the people will rise up to take away power from them and hold them to account for their blood debts and vicious lies.###

Ruth de Leon
Executive Director
NDFP International Information Office
Fax +31-84-7589930

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