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Q and A with Cosain Naga

August 6, 2005

Cosain Naga (CN): On August 08, 2005, the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao-ARMM elections will be held, we all know that the ARMM is a fake autonomy for the Moro people. A genuine autonomy under a semi-colonnial and semi-feudal country like the Philippines would never be provided by a reactionary government under Gloria Arroyo.

Josa Maria Sison (JMS): You are correct.

CN: My question is what kind of autonomy do the CPP-NDF envision for the Moro people. Do you agree to give the Moro people the 13 provinces which the MNLF claimed. Today it is only in 5 provinces where the majority are Muslims and with the continuous total war that caused the mass migration/evacuation of the Moro population in Mindanao.(i think so) this 5 provinces would be lessen.

JMS: In Accordance with the principle and right of national self-determination, the Bangsamoro has the right to genuine autonomy, up to the right to secede. Although they have the right to secede, they may opt not to excercise it but opt for genuine autonomy, with clarity on the rights and powers of the autonomous region relative to the central government. Even when not exercised, the right of a nation to secede is inherent and can be exercised against oppression or occupation by the central government or foreign power.

In the five provinces where the moro people are the majority, regional autonomy can be most easily consolidated, unless the central government and regional bureaucrats continue to oppress and exploit the people. Where non-moros are the majority in the 13 provinces, the principle of proportionate representation and nondiscrimination as well as proportionate allocation of resources, provided affirmative action is undertaken in favor of the most oppressed and exploited moros and the rights of ancestral domain are respected and duly taken into account.

CN: If ever, will the NDF help in bringing back the ancestral lands that is snatched and grabbed by the government from the Moro. Majority of those fighting the government and who join the MNLF-MILF are of peasant origin that is why land is a major issue among the Moro people.

JMS: The NDFP considers as main content of democracy in bangsamoro the satisfaction of the moro peasants demand for land. The solution of the land problem in favor of the moro peasants should take into account land reform as a matter of social justice and as an economic and political method of liberation and should also take into account the principle of restitution in cases where the rights of ancestral domain have been violated by the alien corporations and by non-moro and moro landlords.

CN: Hoping you will not be turned off if I am discussing the issue about land property I know it is very important to have a proletariat party among the Moro people.

JMS: To be truly revolutionary, a proletariat party has to recognize the land problem and arouse, organize, and mobilize the peasants to solve it. Thus, the peasants become willing to have a basic alliance with the working class and let their best sons and daughters join the proletarian party and the people's army.

CN: ok sir! see you again.

Cosain Jun Naga
Secretary General, Suara Bangsamoro Partylist
Spokesperson, Moro-Christian People's Alliance (MCPA)

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