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Resist the persecution of Comrade Jose Ma. Sison!

Executive Committee
Central Committee
Communist Party of the Philippines
October 02, 2007

The US, Dutch and Philippine governments are reactionary monsters ganging up on Comrade Jose Ma. Sison, founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines. They are vicious and adamant in their efforts to destroy a revolutionary icon who continue to serve as a teacher and beacon for fellow revolutionaries, patriots, democrats and anti-imperialist fighters in the Philippines and around the world.

Since the US government’s inclusion of Comrade Sison in its list of so-called “foreign terrorists” in 2001, the US and Dutch imperialists and the local puppet regime have intensified their efforts to persecute and eliminate him. They have come up with one plot after another to have him incarcerated, subjected to rendition and surrendered to US authority, or assassinated.

These fiendish monsters have long wanted to devour Comrade Sison. They are furious over his leading role as a proletarian revolutionary and teacher. They are enraged by his guiding role in the international solidarity work of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the International League of People’s Struggles and in the reinvigoration of the international communist and anti-imperialist movement.

Comrade Sison has long earned the ire of the imperialists and reactionaries because of his authorship of key definitive articles and speeches that expose the rottenness of US imperialism and its puppet client-state in the Philippines, uphold the correctness of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology and exhort the people to rise up in resistance.

They are terrified of Comrade Sison and are working on ways to do him away. They have gone to the extent of outrightly violating his rights in the mistaken hope that this would derail the forward push of the Filipino people’s revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation.

On the basis of completely false charges, Comrade Sison was arrested and held in solitary confinement by the Dutch police for 17 days. The legal offensive against him was among more than a thousand concocted by Malacañang’s Inter-agency Legal Action Group (IALAG) chaired by National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales. IALAG worked under the auspices of the US government and coordinated with the Dutch police to trump up charges of “inciting to murder” over the deaths of the puppet state’s two key counterrevolutionary assets—Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara. Pieces of purported evidence were manufactured at the premises of the Dutch embassy, US embassy and the former US Clark Air Base.

We state for a fact that the charges against Comrade Sison are patently false. The arrest operations that resulted in the deaths of Kintanar and Tabara were carried out by teams of the New People’s Army (NPA) assigned by duly constituted people’s courts based in the Philippines. The operations to arrest the two traitors and criminals were legitimate revolutionary acts and necessary assertions of revolutionary justice in the face of charges against them for grave capital counterrevolutionary and criminal offenses. The Filipino people, their victims and the revolutionary movement had been demanding justice for those crimes.

The charges against Kintanar and Tabara were prepared and thoroughly discussed by the collective leadership of the CPP and the NPA at a meeting in a guerrilla base in 1992 and formally filed the following year before the people’s court. These charges were supported by numerous incontrovertible evidence.

While the two traitors and criminals and their followers were still pretending to be revolutionaries, they were already observed to be usurping authority, employing funds, facilities and forces of the revolutionary movement to engage in criminal activities and living luxurious and profligate lifestyles, all of which they tried to hide from the leadership and other comrades in the CPP and NPA.

After being expelled fron the CPP and NPA, Kintanar officially became a key intelligence asset of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and was rewarded with fat commissions as an officer in the government’s customs collection office. He worked closely with the Intelligence Service of the AFP in building its information stock about the CPP and NPA and updating its concept of combat operations against the revolutionary movement. In 2000, he was employed by the National Security Council to lead a team that was tasked to assassinate Comrade Sison in The Netherlands.

As organizer and head of the RPMP-RPA-ABB right after he was expelled from the CPP and NPA, Tabara directly set himself up as an armed adversary opposed to the CPP-led revolutionary armed movement. He collaborated with the ruling reactionary regime in forging a farcical peace settlement where he was awarded P500 million pesos for “livehood and reintegration programs.”

He allowed the RPMP-RPA-ABB to serve as a paramilitary adjunct of the AFP and the Philippine National Police. They carried out intelligence work, abductions and assasinations for the AFP, participated in joint anti-NPA operations with the military and launched their own armed attacks against the revolutionary forces in Western Visayas, Central Luzon and elsewhere. The RPMP-RPA-ABB has engaged in various nefarious operations, assasinated several peasant leaders and oppressed the peasant and worker masses by serving as goons of big landlord-compradors such as Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco and notorious reactionary political warlords in Masbate and other places.

In the operations to arrest Kintanar and Tabara, the NPA teams were fully aware that the subjects were armed and dangerous. In the course of the operations, the two resisted arrest with force and were killed in the ensuing battle with the NPA arresting forces. The CPP and the NPA have officially acknowleged and explained the circumstances of these operations.

The revolutionary movement acted in complete accordance with its sovereign authority to dispense justice in seeking to have Kintanar and Tabara arrested and brought before the people’s court.

The nature of these cases have been duly recognized as such even by Philippine courts. It should be noted that the Supreme Court ordered that charges for the killing of Romulo Kintanar in 2002 and of Arturo Tabara in 2004 be subsumed in a rebellion case against Comrade Sison and 50 others filed by the Arroyo regime. The Supreme Court of the Philippines dismissed the rebellion case in July this year for lack of merit.

Last September 13, the District Court of The Hague dismissed for lack of direct and sufficient evidence the recycling in The Netherlands of the same trumped-up and politically motivated charges of “inciting to murder” against Comrade Sison, and thus ordered his release.

The imperialist powers and the puppet regime remain bent on pressing the charges and even further escalating the persecution of Comrade Sison and other Filipino revolutionaries and patriots they can lay their hands on.

In pursuit of their appeal before the Dutch Court of Appeals to reverse The Hague District Court’s dismissal, the Dutch police and prosecution officials and their local counterparts have rushed the manufacture of more false evidence to support the charge of “inciting to murder” and work out a more insidious plan to trump up charges of terrorism against Comrade Sison.

They have brought in more fake witnesses including the fallguy Delfin de Guzman whom the military has repeatedly recycled as a witness in various cases in the past. De Guzman was abducted in Norzagaray, Bulacan and placed under military detention since May 11, 2006. He was used as a “witness” to claim that the “Erap 5”—supporters of former President Joseph Estrada who were abducted and tortured by AFP and PNP intelligence agents—were connected with the NPA. Recently, the AFP claimed that de Guzman masterminded the abduction of peasant activist Jonas Burgos. He has now again been recycled and lent to the Dutch prosecution to testify against Comrade Sison.

The insistence of the Dutch prosecution to press the charge of “inciting to murder” and even bigger charges against Comrade Sison has no real bases and no real evidence to prosper before any just court.

Whatever the decision tomorrow of the Dutch Court, it is necessary for all defenders of Comrade Sison’s democratic rights to remain vigilant and militant and persevere in resisting the escalating fascist attacks against him. All-out effort must continue to be exerted to stop the persecution of Comrade Sison and the schemes to trump up baseless charges against him and other Filipino revolutionaries and patriots.

We reaffirm our confidence in the ultimate victory of the people’s movement and the eventual triumph of the struggle for national liberation, justice, democracy, peace and socialism against imperialism and all reaction in the Philippines and the world over.

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