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Support the Sept. 24 Mass Actions to Demand the End of US Occupation of Iraq and of US Military Intervention Elsewhere

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
13 September 2005

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) supports the "National Mass March on September 24 in Washington D.C." and mass actions in other cities led by International ANSWER and other antiwar organizations in the US to demand the end to the occupation of Iraq and US intervention in other countries in pursuit of its imperialist aims.

We call on the ILPS participating organizations in the US to mobilize their forces for the national march and the mass actions in other cities. We call on the ILPS participating organizations in South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe to support the mass actions in the US by publicizing them, taking up the issues in meetings and sending solidarity messages to all concerned.

US imperialism today is the number one enemy of the people of the world. It is at the head of the pack of imperialist powers that compete with one another in the plunder of the world's resources. It is abominable for the extreme exploitation of the working people under the slogan of "free market" globalization and for carrying out wars of aggression and promoting regimes of open terror. These are the worst kinds of terrorism, far worse than the smaller scale terrorism of nongovernmental groups.

It wages war against sovereign countries and peoples for the benefit of the US banks, oil giants and other monopoly corporations. These same monopoly concerns are responsible for cutting down wages, health care, unemployment relief, safety measures, disaster relief and other social benefits of US working people. Thus, it oppresses and exploits not only the people of other countries but also its own working and poor people.

The American people and other oppressed and exploited peoples have a common interest in stopping US imperialist depredations. The terrible suffering and unnecessary deaths of people in New Orleans, mostly working class and people of color, are a consequence of the low priority given to and gross neglect of city planning and implementation of the plan, the strengthening of the levees and related infrastructure and the adequacy of personnel and resources for the timely evacuation and relief of the people.

The Bush regime is culpable for the huge tax cuts for the giant corporations and the massive diversion of public resources towards contracts with the military-industrial complex, wars of aggression, the deployment of national guards abroad and the hysterical buildup of the homeland security and intelligence agencies.

We unite with the American people in demanding the immediate end of the brutal US occupation of Iraq and the return of the US military forces to the US. The US must cease to unleash wars of aggression and military intervention against the people. It must cease to plunder the world. Otherwise it will meet more and bigger disasters at home and abroad.

We commend the efforts of the progressive forces in the US in developing the unity of the working and poor people in the US and forging solidarity with the world's peoples in opposing US imperialism's wars of aggression for world domination abroad and its reactionary social policies at home.

On this occasion we take the opportunity to call on all the progressive forces around the world to strengthen their unity and develop a broad international united front to oppose imperialist war and plunder and advance the struggle of the world's peoples for national liberation, democracy, social justice, development and world peace. #

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