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NDFP Renders Highest Honor to Kasamang Myrna "Lina" Fajardo

6 January 2006

We are shocked at the sudden death of our beloved Kasamang Myrna "Lina" Fajardo.

On behalf of the National Executive Committee of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the NDFP Negotiating Panel conveys its most heartfelt condolences to her family: her husband, Gilbert, their children: Roz Victoria, Rosa Guia, Liberty Emmanuelle, Armando, Christine Ann, and Felisa Joy. We join them and all the kasama, relatives and friends of Ka Lina in mourning the inestimable loss of an outstanding mass leader of the national democratic movement, a great fighter for human rights and tireless organizer of the victims of human rights violations.

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines renders the highest honor to Ka Lina for her undying commitment to the Filipino people's struggle for national and social liberation. Since the early 1980s she already dedicated her talents and energy for the revolutionary movement. Her firm grasp of revolutionary principles was demonstrated in her principled struggle against wrong ideas being spread by a factionalist clique in the late 1980s in the National Capital Region.

In the early 1990s, after the leadership of the revolutionary movement had launched the Second Great Rectification Movement, she was among the first to carry out the call for summing up and rectifying the errors in orientation in human rights work. She was effective in reaching the mass members of SELDA (an association of former political prisoners) and thereby contributed significantly to make it the most solid human rights organization with the correct orientation.

When the class action suit against the Marcos dictatorship was undertaken in the mid-1990s, Ka Lina, together with other leaders and supporters of SELDA, was a key person in reaching and mobilizing the members of SELDA and clarifying to them the principled position of SELDA regarding indemnification while exposing the capitulationist and compromising position of Claimants 1081. She became an effective organizer who revived the chapters of SELDA in the communities.

Her deep integration with the mass members was such that she not only knew their names but also their individual experiences and struggles in prison. Her courage and happy disposition and not allowing hardship, tiredness or lack of resources to daunt her, all these made her an inspiring and most effective mass leader. All her political work did not deter her from giving the love and care needed by her big family. For some time, she lessened her political activities to dedicate more time to her family.

By the latter part of 2003, she again engaged full time in human rights work as member of the Secretariat of SELDA. It was very timely since the campaign for the indemnification of victims of human rights violations under the Marcos regime was again vigorously launched. Ka Lina became active also in lobby work in Congress. At a time when many of the members of human rights organizations were new and young, she was an important bridge to reach the victims with whom contact had been lost for some time.

Ka Lina's death brought all her important work to a stop. We deeply mourn this great loss. But we must turn our grief into revolutionary courage.

For the national democratic movement, she is indeed a heroine who served the Filipino people to her very last breath. We honor her invaluable contributions to the cause of the people's national and social liberation and draw strength and inspiration to overcome all obstacles and carry forward the people's liberation struggle unto victory!

Mabuhay si Ka Lina! Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

The Negotiating Panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on behalf of the NDFP National Executive Committee:

Luis G. Jalandoni Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel NDFP Chief Political Consultant
Fidel V. Agcaoili Julieta de Lima
Member, NDFP Negotiating Panel Member, NDFP Negotiating Panel
Founding General Secretary, SELDA  
Coni K. Ledesma Asterio B. Palima
Member, NDFP Negotiating Panel Member, NDFP Negotiating Panel
Ruth de Leon Danilo Borjal
Chief of Staff, Secretariat Consultant, NDFP Negotiating Panel
NDFP Negotiating Panel  

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