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We Refuse to be Silenced

book launching of "Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World, Portrait of a Revolutionary"
By Ninotchka Rosca

Thursday May 12 @ the University of Washington
The HUB Room 209A
Free Admission

Friday May 13 @ St. Bethany's Church
6230 Beacon Avenue Corner Graham St, Beacon Hill , South Seattle,
6 PM- 9 PM
suggested $5-$10 sliding scale donation

Ninotchka Rosca, an internationally acclaimed writer, feminist and human rights activist, will be in Seattle on May 12 and 13. Please join us in a dialogue with the co-author and writer of her new book.

Rosca was a political prisoner under the Marcos regime in the Philippines. She was forced into exile when threatened with a second arrest. Rosca has participated in numerous world forums and conferences for human rights. She serves on the board of the Survivors Committee, a network of former political prisoners and human rights activists. She has also been in leadership positions with Amnesty International and the PEN American Center.

Rosca was also founder and the first national chair of GABRIELA, the preeminent women's rights organization of the Philippines. She is the international spokesperson of GABRIELA's Purple Rose Campaign against the trafficking of women, with an emphasis on Filipinas.

The book, Jose Maria Sison: At home in the world – Portrait of a Revolutionary, was co-written with Professor Sison. It is a political biography/autobiography that offers a unique look into the political beliefs and motivations of Professor Sison, renowned revolutionary leader, writer, poet and founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP). This book examines the political climate and history of the United States' role in Filipino politics. It is a frank exchange between Sison and Rosca regarding the Filipino revolutionary movement, where the issues of women's rights and empowerment within the CCP, as well as ethnicity, class, age and education, are also addressed. It is a book that can offer the "other side" of the story, chronicling the life of a Filipino revolutionary, his political party and his country, untouched and unfiltered by outside political propaganda.

Professor Jose Maria Sison, a poet, human rights advocate and a long time freedom fighter, is currently the Chairperson of the International League of People's Struggle (ILPS), an anti-imperialist mass formation of 218 mass organizations from 40 countries. After Sept 11, in the Bush Administration's desire of a perpetual war abroad, Sison was labeled "terrorist".

Why are legitimate political dissidents treated as terrorists?

For the last 90 days from January to March, 2005, at least 32 activists deemed as terrorists or communists including Fr. William Tadena from Promotion of Church's People's Concern (PCPR) were systematically assassinated by the Philippine Military. This was preceded by a massacre of seven agricultural workers at Hacienda Luisita last November, 2004.

Why are Church people, workers, peasants and political activists treated as terrorists?

"Those of us who are working to stop
the unbridled aggression against the world that
has been unleashed by the Bush White
House should make every effort to defend
Professor Jose Maria Sison, and to support the
Filipino people as they struggle to defend
sovereignty and build peace."
Ramsey Clark
Former Attorney General of the United States

Book Price- Cloth: $32, Paperback: $16

Sponsored by:
Anakbayan Seattle
Anakbayan UW
Bayan-USA UW
Filipino Worker's Action Center
Gabriela Network Seattle
Philippine US Solidarity Organization (PUSO)

Please RSVP at

"In the midst of whatever adversity,
Jose Maria Sison constantly gives Filipinos a
reason to affirm and celebrate themselves as a
people. The government of Europe, the United States,
Canada, and the Philippines keep trying to bury him and
only succeed in having songs sung in his praise."
–Nintochka Rosca

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