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Why is Walden so frightened?

Why is Walden so frightened
Of a mere diagram
He calls a “hit list”
Which leaves him sleepless.
It drives him to a frenzy,
And attacks the Philippine Communist Party,
On its 36th anniversary
Celebrating its victories.

Is it just a coincidence?
Or a matter of divine providence?
Or part of an orchestra,
Batoned by America?

You say you are for development,
The US International Agency for Development?
You say you are for methods of peace
Or is it the US Institute for Peace?
Yet again you say you are fond of democracy,
Or is it the funds of National Endowment for Democracy?
You say you are the “new-type” activist
Or a 5th columnist?

Your are a friend of the Ford Foundation
And the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and such institutions;
Now, pray, tell us Walden
To whom are you truly beholden,
To the masses who are fighting
Or the sources of your funding?

Why is Walden so frightened to death,
That he has been jet-setting of late?
From Bangkok to Porto Alegre
Spreading his hallucinations,
And incantations
Of mortal fear
For his life so dear?

But, alas, some people are taken in
Especially academics
So fond of semantics
And the funds of endowment
For some progressive talk here and there
That leads to nowhere.

Walden, don’t be so frightened,
You might drive yourself to death
For lack of sleep
Or too much of the creeps,
Then you cannot blame Joma
For your own folly
Before the Holy of Holies!

Bagani Dong-ilay
1 February 2005

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