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Latest Book of Prof. Jose Maria Sison Launched in the Netherlands

Prof. Jose Maria Sisonís latest book, US Terrorism and War in the Philippines, was formally launched in Amsterdam at the Migrante Europe headquarters last November 28 in a lively gathering attended by friends and supporters.

Professor Sisonís book, published by Papieren Tijger, a progressive Dutch publishing company, is a collection of his recent essays that point to the United States as the No. 1 terrorist. Last year the US, in line with its so-called "anti-terrorism" campaign, had included Sisonís name in its list of so-called terrorists organizations.

US Terrorism and War in the Philippines can, in a way, be seen as the authorís rebuttal on the false accusations being heaped against him by the US and its few allies.

The book launching started with the showing of a documentary film on the history of US aggression in the Philippines, which shows the atrocities committed by the US when it invaded and pacified the country from 1898 to 1913, as well as its continued support for repressive Philippine governments after nominal independence and its unabated exploitation of the countryís natural resources.

The film was produced by Kodao Philippines, a progressive film production outfit in Manila.

Gerard van Alkemade, a Dutch peace activist, and Dr. Rita Vanobberghen, a Belgian doctor, shared their thoughts on the book.

Alkemade, who himself recently published the book, Al Ga Je Eran Kapot! Het Leven van Vredesactivist Kees Koning, praised Sison for his writings on US imperialism. He said that Sisonís book would definitely be another indispensable guide to all activists in confronting the real terrorists and threats to world peace.

For her part, Dr.Vanobberghen cited the book for its straightforward presentation and analysis of US terrorism not only in the Philippines but also in the whole world. She said the book would be appreciated not only by Filipinos but also other like-minded people who are against US acts of aggression and domination.

Vanobbergehen said the book, she being a victim of US terrorism herself, touched her. Working as a volunteer in El Salvador in the í80s, the Belgian doctor was hit by a US-made grenade used by the local army during one of its operations against El Salvador guerrillas.

Vanobberghen, whose eight-year medical work among the poorest of the poor in the Philippines is documented in a book she co-wrote with her husband Dr. Bert de Belder, said in jest that she envied Professor Sisonís terrorist tag.

She said she has also long been fighting US aggression all over the world and had yet to get the terrorist tag. With a self-made identification card she brought with her, she enjoined the audience to enlist themselves as "Proud to be Sison terrorists".

Paul de Ridder of the Papieren Tijger (Paper Tiger), which was described during the forum as one of the few remaining progressive publishers in the Netherlands, said that he was proud to have published Sisonís book. He expressed the wish that Papieren Tijger house was looking forward for more book projects about the Philippines in the future.

Professor Sison thanked all those who came to the launching and those who helped in making the book possible, particularly Fidel Agcaoili who served as the bookís editor.

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