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Message to the Youth Gathering

By Jose Maria Sison

Founding Chairman of Kabataang Makabayan
8 February 2005
(Translated from Pilipino original to English)

Beloved Fellow Activists,

Allow me to express my most heartfelt gratitude for your best wishes, concern and support on this day. It is fine that you have taken this opportunity to inquire even more deeply into my stand on important issues, as well as into the violations of my rights, and the harassment and threats that I now face.

The hatred of the toiling masses for the grave crisis of the world capitalist system and the local ruling system is deep and wide. Exploitation and oppression continue to intensify. The bombastic and deceitful "free market" globalization, as it is called, is clearly bankrupt. The misery that it generates is inciting people to fight and is giving rise to various forms of organized struggle.

Instead of making apologies, the US imperialists and their local running dogs are becoming ever more brutal and cruel in order to terrify the people. In the name of the so-called war on terror, they are violating national and democratic rights. They are carrying out state terrorism and praising US military aggression and intervention.

In their attempt to cover up their crimes and deceive the people, the imperialists and their most rabid puppets - the real terrorists! - accuse as terrorists the oppressed people fighting for national liberation, nations a dvocating national independence and anti-imperialist movements and their leaders.

It is in this context that we are labeled "terrorists". The Number One terrorist in the whole world and in the whole history of mankind, the US, is the instigator of the deceitful listing of those labeled as "terrorists". The other imperialist governments have subsequently fallen into line.

The US and the Arroyo puppet regime connived in listing as "terrorists" the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People's Army and the Chief Consultant of the National Democratic Front. They violated existing agreements between the reactionary government and the revolutionary ranks.

Among these are agreements with provisions on adherence to the principle of national sovereignty, on safety and immunity guarantees for those authorized to participate in the negotiations and on respect for the rights of revolutionaries, especially the Hernandez Doctrine which forbids treating revolutionaries as common criminals.

It is therefore clear that there can no longer be any formal talks between the revolutionary ranks and the reactionary Manila government while the reactionary government is doing nothing to rectify its violations. It has now become clear that the terrorist listing has no other objective but to intimidate and push the revolutionary ranks into capitulation and pacification through a protracted ceasefire.

Even the reformist who are pipsqueaks and are pretending to criticize imperialism are being used by the imperialists and their rabid puppets to malign the revolutionary forces. The campaign of lies and bloody assaults against the revolutionary forces and the Filipino people are orchestrated. We should be vigilant and militant against the frontal attacks of the enemy, and also against the quisling and outflanking attacks of those pretending to be progressive.

The reformists are not hard to uncover. They use the bombastic signboard "civil society". It means that they are the loyal and submissive citizens of a harsh and exploitative state and that they are opposed to revolution which they deride as "uncivil" for being violent. They also brag that an exploitative system can be reformed and transformed through civil relations among the oppressed masses, the state and the oppressing classes.

The reformists are liars and crooks. They are easy to expose as paid hacks of the imperialists and the reactionary state because they always target those using the most effective weapons against these entities. It is no surprise why money from official agencies of imperialist governments and private foundations of monopolists flows into their coffers. We should bring into the open all the money that they get from the imperialists, including those coming from intelligence and propaganda agencies.

The grave crisis of the world capitalist system and the local ruling system is generating conditions favorable to the strengthening of the legal progressive forces and the revolutionary forces of the national democratic movement of the Filipino people.

At present, the forces of the imperialists and their most rabid puppets are rotten to the core and are overextended. The opportunities for the progressive and revolutionary forces to deliver telling blows to weaken, isolate and defeat the monsters are increasing and becoming easier. The world of these monsters is becoming ever bleaker while the struggle of the people of the Philippines and the world to advance into the light of national liberation, democracy and socialism is becoming ever stronger.

Once morte many thanks to all of you. With your support I shall redouble my efforts to contribute to the continued strengthening and advance of the organized forces and the Filipino masses in the national democratic struggle against imperialism and the local ruling classes of big compradors and landlords.

Mabuhay kayo!
Mabuhay tayong lahat!
Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!

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