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Message to the People’s Alternative Conference in Bali, Indonesia

By Jose Maria Sison
General Consultant
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
June 2, 2002

In solidarity, may I greet most warmly all the delegations that represent people’s organizations from various countries, that are opposed to imperialist domination, plunder and war and that struggle for national liberation, democracy and development.

It is of great importance that you oppose imperialist globalization and the preparations for a World Summit on Sustainable Development that in fact seeks to perpetuate underdevelopment for most of the world.

In the decade of the 1990s and until now, the imperialists and their followers have prated about "free market" globalization", "sustainable development" and "emerging markets". These are catchphrases to misrepresent economic realities and to confuse the people.

Monopoly capitalism is being passed off as "free market" globalism. Development is considered sustainable, even friendly to the environment, as long as it does not mean national industrial development but continuing underdevelopment under the sway of imperialism, collaborating with the big compradors and landlords and providing some crumbs for small and medium entrepreneurs and NGO operators who seem to criticize imperialism but seek through reformism to make it more efficient.

Nevertheless, the imperialists, their corporate executives and business journalists would rather wish some of the underdeveloped countries to become "emerging markets" of the multinational firms rather than to become sustainably developed by whatever degree. That is well in accord with the spirit and reality of the neoliberal policy stress of the imperialists.

There is nothing free about the global market of today but the utmost freedom of the monopoly bourgeoisie to reduce in real terms the direct and indirect wages of the working class for the purpose of maximizing profits and to take superprofits from the oppressed peoples and nations in the underdeveloped countries.

But the imperialists undermine their own position. The crisis of overproduction arises in relation to the dwindling capability of the working people to purchase the goods. Countries, corporations and individuals resort to credit for covering deficits and losses. But credit is not unlimited. It is limited by the rising unemployment, production cutbacks and corporate and personal bankruptcies. The financial collapse ensues from the crisis of overproduction.

The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression has come. All the centers of world capitalism, the US, Japan and Germany, are crisis-stricken. The entire world capitalist system has become depressed, as we take into account the destruction of productive forces and the constriction of the market in the imperialist and client countries.

Bush, the leader of the No. 1 imperialist power, has taken the line that the way to revive the US economy and therefore the global economy is to deliver more public resources and fat contracts to the monopoly bourgeoisie, especially those of the military industrial complex.

Bush has taken advantage of the September 11 attacks in order to consolidate his ruling position, to rationalize increased military production, to promote ultrareactionary parties and state terrorism all over the world and to engage in acts of military intervention and aggression.

It is necessary for the people’s organizations and the broad masses of the people to recognize the bankruptcy of imperialist globalization and the growing tendency of the imperialists and their puppets to engage in state terrorism and aggression in the name of waging a "war against terrorism".

No sustainable development can be expected from the imperialists and their puppets. The crisis of the world capitalist system will only worsen, inflict more terrible suffering on the people and drive them to wage all forms of resistance.

The people’s organizations and the broad masses of the people in underdeveloped and retrogressive countries must stand in revolutionary solidarity and fight for independence, democracy, self-reliant development and social justice against the imperialists and the local reactionaries.

They can link up with the people in the imperialist countries and wage a common struggle against imperialism and all reaction in order to realize a better world that is truly free, democratic, just, prosperous and progressive. #

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