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NDFP Human Rights Committee Denounces Rebellion Charge
Against Prof. Jose Maria Sison as Mere Psywar and Nuisance

By Fidel Agcaoili
Chairperson, Human Rights Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
4 November 2006

On behalf of the Human Rights Committee of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), I hereby denounce as mere psywar and nuisance the rebellion charge reportedly filed by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group against NDFP chief political consultant Prof. Jose Maria Sison before the Silay City Prosecutor's Office.

Firstly, the charge is factually groundless. He has nothing to do with the tactical offensives of the New People's Army even as these are legitimate under the Geneva Convention and its protocols. Secondly, the Philippine reactionary government has no jurisdiction over the person of Prof. Sison who is under the protection of the Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Filipino people are sick and tired of false charges being filed by the military authorities against Prof. Sison. These charges are fabricated only for propaganda purposes. Eventually they are dismissed by prosecutors or archived indefinitely.

No amount of false charges against Prof. Sison can succeed in diverting the attention of the people in the Philippines and abroad from the gross human rights violations, economic plunder and transgression of Philippine national sovereignty perpetrated by the Arroyo regime and its US and other imperialist accomplices. These monstrous crimes have been submitted for trial by the Permanent People's Tribunal.###

Ruth de Leon, Executive Director
NDFP International Information Office
Tel. +31-30-2310431 Email:

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