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Three Biggest Lies of Arroyo Regime Against me in Imaginary Military-Communist Coup Attempt

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
March 13, 2006

Gloria M. Arroyo and her loyalist retinue of bureaucratic and military psywar operatives continue to spin stories about an military-communist coup conspiracy and coup attempt supposedly foiled on February 24. They are desperately doing so to justify the usurpation of martial law powers through Proclamation 1071 and the continuing curtailment of civil and political rights despite the formal lifting of said proclamation.

I am absolutely certain that the Arroyo regime is lying by implicating me in the coup allegations that it is circulating. The lies involve pure invention and misrepresentations of my press statements, even as these statements of mine appear in full in the following websites: and Let us take up one by one the three biggest lies made by the regime against me.

First, the lie that there is a coup conspiracy between "communists" and "military adventurists". It is the basis of the false charge of rebellion against mostly civilians, including me, and against only a handful of retired and active military officers. Said officers have debunked the charge that there is neither coup conspiracy nor rebellion. They say that active military officers do not carry out a coup d'etat by merely withdrawing their support from the rotten regime, as in 1986 and 2001.

Second, the lie that I have endorsed the non-existent coup attempt or coup conspiracy. I have never made such an endorsement. What I have endorsed and even urged is the combination of people rising up in the peaceful exercise of their freedom of speech and assembly and the withdrawal of military and police support from the regime, as in the examples of Edsa 1 and Edsa 2.

Third, the lie that I have been considered for a position in a transition council. I have always made clear 1) that I am not interested in any position in any transition council, 2) that the ouster of the Arroyo regime is something for the people and the legal broad united front of patriotic, progressive and other anti-Arroyo forces to accomplish in the manner of Edsa 1 and Edsa 2; and 3) that thereafter the transition council can pursue the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

The Arroyo regime is trying to stay in power by every foul means. It is persecuting, kidnapping, torturing and murdering the leaders and activists of patriotic and progressive party list groups and mass organizations and is now unwittingly forcing many people to join the underground and the armed revolutionary movement.

In their publications, the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army are urging the Red commanders and fighters to intensify the revolutionary struggle in order to seize weapons for arming the increasing number of people who are joining the revolutionary underground, hasten the ouster of the Arroyo regime and strengthen the long-term movement to get rid of the rotten ruling system of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats.

As the Arroyo regime unleashes preemptive violence against the legal and non-violent oust-Arroyo mass movement and prolongs its stay in power with the support or condonation of the US, big business and the hierarchy of the dominant church, the broad masses of the people will see more clearly than ever before the necessity and effectiveness of people's war in fighting for national liberation, democracy, justice and social progress.###

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